Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Adya Suri

  • Delhi, India
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  • 2016-2020
Hello to everyone who is reading this.. If someone asks me about Ashutosh sir, I can actually write a complete novel on this man(believe me its my eternal wish which i will surely fulfil).Girls and boys enter his place as immature children with their dream and leave as builders of that very dream. I assert him as a "SOOTHSAYER" for all his students.He actually sees his students as what they never realise they are. He carves that "DIAMOND" from the mine into the glorious jewellery that the world gets left in a miracle. My journey with Ashutosh sir started with a big "NO". My mom came to me and said~"now you will study at Ashutosh sir.He is very experienced,he teaches every student with his unique ways and none of his students score less than 90%.So, you better be ready". As a 9th standard girl, these words brought a chill down my spine and I forecasted a very stringent image of his(Ashutosh sir).But i went to his classes unknowingly & from that very day, I kept on growing and learning. My journey at Kaushal Academy began in 9th standard.I used to study science and mathematics from Ashutosh sir. He is a totally different teacher than others.I would say he is a "MODERN DAY GURUJI".He just not teaches us the textbooks but much beyond them~The lessons of life. He gave us several counselling sessions,time to time motivating speeches.His words worked like fire for all of us.He has an ultimate solution for every problem of his students ranging from study pressure,life balance,friendships, family problems to financial problems. He also regularly has a personal talk to each and every student so as to know whether everyone is going good. While other tuitions may just teach, but here at Kaushal Academy we do have parties as well. Yes! you all read it right!!!.. we have Diwali dj parties,new year parties, indoor games competition, and the most amazing one~the unpredicted movie shows, motivational stuff. He has an amazing set up with home theatre and projector. All his tests are highly organised and every student is given personal remarks on his/her exam sheet.This really helps students to boost up their moral. My journey with Ashutosh sir was from just a "Dreamer" to "Dream performer". We Ashutosh Kaushal's braniacs are honoured to have a magnificent mentor like him. I would concludingly describe Ashutosh sir as a "REPOSITORY OF TALENT " a teacher, a human should possess.