• School : --
  • Class : Class XII
  • Year Passout : 2020

"A teacher is never a giver of truth - he is a guide , a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst" Well! Well! Well! I think the above lines describe my mentor(Ashutosh sir) the best.... I am Nalini and i met Ashutosh sir in 11th standard. He is such a great soul whom i look up to, a great source of motivation for me and obviously yes , the person who made me fall in love with Maths. Infact, I wish that i would have met him before 11th. In a year only , i was able to feel a connection with sir . And it's obvious that we would not want to lose or leave such an eminent teacher + the mentor for life, specially at this crucial stage where we need support and guidance the most. But But I used to face a lot of problems in managing my time nd even the distance issue was there. So due to these two major issues i couldn't connect with sir in the most important class of my life i.e class 12th ! I am grateful to God that he connected us like honestly i couldn't help but thank you enough for the great things you have taught me and i learned from you after we became acquainted with each other. Though i enjoyed each and every moment i spent being the student of Ashutosh sir but one special memory is of THE DIWALI PARTY which i can't resist !! Still remember my first day , the day when i met such a person who is full of positive energy, and those words which made me relaxed for the entire session "Don't worry , just listen carefully today ,I am with you".....at that time i felt why am i so nervous when Sir is there with me and will always be there for me. Though it was a simple and a small journey of mine but with the support and guidance of Ashutosh sir that smaller part became the most memorable and the fruitful one. "Most of us end up with not more than five or six people who remember us But! But! But! Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives" and without a doubt i can say that our Ashutosh sir comes at the top. With regards Nalini


  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

We meet a lot of people in our life, but only few become inspiration for us. Ashutosh sir ! He is indeed a wonderful mentor , teacher as well as an amazing human being. He not only taught us Maths and Science, but also a lot values & guided us for our careers as well . While teaching, he introduced us to a lot of new things .

Actually studying here interesting . He showed us a lot of videos and activities on various topics . He also gave live examples that made studying quite interesting. 'Maths' the biggest fear for a lot of people (including me) is now a cool friend just because i got to know the right way and value of studying maths. He always says work hard and you will get wonderful results.

He said these words that 'scoring marks alone cannot bring wonders, overall personality plays a vital role.' I have not scored so well in 9th Std. but the confidence i have gained is much more worthy than a 90+ on my marksheet .

We may not be good at all the subjects , but we can try to give our best as this is what matters the most.

He often took our speed tests and motivated us. So,  this was my last year's class 9th experience. I am again here for overcoming my previous weaknesses and do wonders in boards. I'm actually thankful to sir to what he has done for us .  



  • School : ST. ANDREWS SCOTS
  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

Dear SIR ,

You are not only my sir but my mentor , my friend , my inspiration , my hero , I wish I could become like you in my life one day ...

You taught us so well that those who don't like maths , started liking it due to your continuous efforts ..

You always inspired me to woirk hard , so that I could get good marks in my 10th standard and I got  86 marks just because of you ..

 Sometimes I irritated you a lot with my naughty habits and my casual attitude towards studies, but you never lost your temper , instead you made me realise the importance of studies..


Sir I am truly blessed that I am studying under your guidance and I will make sure that I do take your advices seriously, so that I can build up a good career.

I didn't know that what board exams were and I used to take them lightly because I didn't know their importance.

When you took our exam of 3 hours at the end of the session & I scored very less marks, that was time I realised the importance of BOARDS.

At that time you told me  




Your these words motivated me a lot and in the month of January 2019 I started studying seriously and as a result of this I got 86 marks.

Thankyou soo much Sir for being there as a teacher, mentor and a good friend in my life. Hoping the same for 11th standard.



  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

The written below words are less to represent you. They are not just words, but my feelings & respect for you.


My experience with you is really very precious and priceless. YOU are none other than my ASHUTOSH SIR ! It was you only who made me fall in love with MATHS ! 

I am with you since I was in 9th standard. You kept on motivating me with your fabulous words and everytime your words pushed me to do my best. I remember when I cried after my science test , you wiped off my tears and motivated me not to lose confidence. You helped me in science and the good result is all because of you. You were , are and will always be there for me as my well-wisher and a precious friend. You guided me as a my great friend and again I ll say that all the corresponding results are beacuse of your guidance , love and support. The only reason of my deep interest in my favourite subject "MATHEMATICS" is YOU !

Being a wonderful & fabulous orator and with great influencing power , you changed my thoughts and made me see within myself ..


  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

EAST or WEST he is the BEST !!!

I remember my mathematics nemesis till class 8th,I used to get average marks in maths but when I joined 'THE BRAINIACS' in class 9th , there was a change!

The no.of questions we did with him not only helped us build our base in maths but it also raised our confidence level ! 

With you being by our side ,all of us at THE BRAINIACS have faith of achieving something extraordinary in this subject !!


  • Class : Class XI
  • Year Passout : 2019

Respected Sir, 

This piece of paper is too small to tell you how glad I am to have been taught by you, you have made mathematics a peice of cake for us...

The way you teach is really good , we are able to grasp concepts very quickly.

You always treat students as your own children and are ready to help them whether its related to studies or anything else . You always look forward to help children in what they want to become in their lives.

Your interaction with students is so good that we treat our tuition centre as our home and we don't look up to studies as burden anymore.

Apart from all these you are always ready to give motivational sessions to us. You made us watch such great videos to motivate us for our better future, to get us inspired. The lectures you gave when we had board exams are unforgettable !

The parties organized by you on occasions like Diwali , New Year were so enjoyable.

At last i would like to say that it has been a great journey with you since 9th Std. and you are a great teacher .

Thankyou so much for helping me in all the possible ways ! 



  • School : L.P.S P.D VIHAR
  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

There is always a debate that does education only means scoring good marks... but you taught us not to run behind marks , rather understand the concept and feel it & marks will be achieved automatically.

I didn't had interest in Biology but watching different concepts of science on smart screen  increased my vocabulary and I could understand the concepts easily.

If i talk about maths then i would only say that i didn't like maths at all . Even when i prepared for my board exam i was not sure about my capabilities, but I remembered my sir's sayings which motivated me and through Sir's efforts & hard work I passed with good marks which I never expected.

Apart from studies we had a great fun at Diwali parties , Independence day, etc. At last i would only say that I can't forget those days.

Thank you so much Ashutosh sir !


  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

Maths and science were never my strong subjects  and I always tried to avoid studying these subjects. But after joining "The Brainiacs" , I stopped avoiding the subjects and started working hard to do well in these subjects. I started enjoying doing these subjects and the motivational sessions by Sir helped me a lot.

I am happy to say that I have a mentor with me all the time to help me overcome my fear of maths , he is always there to boost up my moral. In science also the videos shown by Sir and extra classes helped me a lot .

Besides being a good mentor Sir is  always there as a friend who organises various activities and parties to mingle with us and try to understand our perspective.I want to thank Ashutosh sir for always being there for me as a mentor,inspiration and most importantly a friend who understood me, was always there for me , motivated me to do my best .It was not only my hardwork  which paid off but Sir’s support which was always there with me. 

Thank you a lot sir !


  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

Ashutosh sir had been helpful and understanding throughout the year.  He taught us for knowledge & not just for marks. He addresses real life, practical issues along with the hypothetical ones. But it was not always serious, We often used to break the tense mood with humor in the class. It has been an enriching experience to be a part of his institution.


  • School : L.P.S P.D VIHAR
  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

Hi , I am Neel Batra , student of Mr. Ashutosh Kaushal. I would like to dedicate a poem for him :-


*When god created you ,*

*he gave me a special friend ,*

*to help me understand the world ,*

*And truly comprehend ,*

*The beauty and wonder of everything I see ,*

*And become a better person with each Discovery.*


*When God created you ,*

*he gave me a special guide ,*

*to show me the ways in which to grow.*


*When God created you ,*

*In his wisdom and his grace ,*

*Was to help me learn to make my world ,*

*A better and wiser place.*



Ashutosh Sir ,You helped me a lot in my studies as well as the important decisions of my life. I was not at all good at Maths , but you were the one who made me prefect in the subject. I was too scared of Maths , but now I am not because of all that practice that you made me did. 

I liked to study science before class 9th but when I came to you I loved to study science because of the visual facility provided by you on the screen.

Your efforts are endless and very much appreciable. Your way of teaching is very different from others. You motivated me at every point of my life. The tests , Diwali parties , Independence Day celebration , quiz, etc. were really very amazing and unforgettable. 

In the end I would like to declare you as the best teacher and one of the best persons of my Life.

Thanks a Lot Sir!


  • Class : Class XI
  • Year Passout : 2019

Sir, being taught by you is an honour, I feel fortunate to have a teacher who understands my abilities and makes mathematics feel like a child's play.

Unlike school, you provide us an environment where we understand, rather than memorise.

You fill our minds with positivity rather than pressure.

You focus on our weak areas and help with our wholesome development.

Your hard work and dedication is inspirational.

Guaranteeing us good marks and a bright future by filling us with positivity, making us realize our interests and our worth and restoring our self confidence, you are truly not just a teacher, but a mentor, we are so lucky to be guided by you..



  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

Ashutosh sir was introduced to me through a cousin of mine and is without a doubt one of the best teachers i've ever come across. It's been a little more than an year since i came to sir and since then i've gained so much knowledge regarding a multitude of topics.

The best thing about his classes is the abundance of questions to practice paired with the greatest learning environment i've seen. During his classes, not only i studied what was in my syllabus, i also learned so much regarding jobs, the real world out there, the importance of various things in life and a lot more.

The best quality about Sir is his friendly nature and the power of his words. His words are the strongest quality about him and they are simply magical. He is probably the best influential and motivational speaker i've ever seen. 

I joined him in grade 10th and i studied both maths and science from him. His maths classes were a bundle of joy for me. Thanks to the easy way he explained topics and questions in, the number of questions he gave to us for practice and the number of tests he took over the session, sir helped me gain such a control over my mathematics that i was able to excel in my boards without any hesitation.

Same goes for the science classes. While the maths class had a large number of questions, science classes had videos. The videos and sir's explainations were the biggest help i'd recieved in science. 

As the academic session was drawn to a close, the classes seemed to get much more fun. During the last few months sir acted as a huge stress reliever and also held quizes in order to lighten up the children's mood. 

A highlight of my 10th class was the diwali party held in the tuition. That day was special on so many different levels. I got to have so much fun and it was probably one of the last day that i had that much fun without a worry of the world with the deadline of boards coming closer. This was what made the day so special. 

It's been around 3-4 months that i've been studying maths as an 11th grader with Ashutosh sir now and honestly, he's made maths so much easier for me that i feel like atleast maths is a subject where a score of 95+ is fixed for me.




  • Class : Class XI
  • Year Passout : 2019

Braniacs Institute is a great place for gaining excellence in Mathematics. Ashutosh sir is a great mentor and teacher who not only teaches concepts with great clarity but also guides us towards a proper conduct of life.

Thanks a lot Sir!


  • School : DAV
  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

Ashutosh sir is one of the best teachers I found in my life. Not only for studies but also for motivation which is necessary for a student. Sir used to teach in an interesting manner so that we could understand the concept properly. He always motivated us whenever we felt down. 

Thankyou Sir!



  • Class : Class XI
  • Year Passout : 2019

I would like to thank Ashutosh sir for being such a remarkable teacher.

I am grateful for your patience and knowledge which you have passed down to me. I think you have a great teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combined them into simplest version which helped in easy digestion of knowledge.

You are very friendly and understanding tutor, which helped us to communicate with you better. You are very inspiring. You guided us steadily and corrected our mistakes frankly.

I would love to thank you for your support and for prompting questions which always made me think of new points. You always took efforts to make learning as convinient as possible. Even when we enquired about issues which may deviate slightly from main problem, You never turned deaf to any problem but replied with an answer.

At last but not least, Thank you for being our mentor! You have always been consistent in our lessons & have always guided us.



  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

In the tough journey of class 9th to 10th you came in my life like a burning fire and led me to the way of success .

With you I felt more confident in Maths and science . The no. Of questions that I did with you made me more better and better in every way..

So lots of love to you Sir and with your hard work on us you made us succeed.

In my years of classes 6th, 7th and 8th I was not able to score good in Mathematics as there was no Good Mentor and teacher. But with you my old as well as new concepts were cleared . This made me belive that even weak students can do well if there is a good teacher. So thanks for your dedication towards us.



  • Class : Class X
  • Year Passout : 2019

Dear Ashutosh Sir,

I think you are not only a wonderful teacher but also a good human being. You helped me a lot in my studies. After studying from you, I feel that maths is way more easier. It is a pleasure to study from you. The way you teach is superb. Your teachings inspired me. You really helped me and cleared all my doubts. 

Thankyou for an incredible year and thankyou for understanding me!



  • Class : Class XI
  • Year Passout : 2019

Whenever I think about success, only Ashutosh sir comes to my mind. He is the one who actually laid the foundation of my Mathematical intellect. His effective method of teaching any concept is amazing. Everything he taught has been retained by my mind permanently.

I am blessed to have him as my mentor,  teacher and the guiding light of my life.

Looking forward to score 100/100 in boards with his never ending support.



  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

Ashutosh Sir has been a great source of influence for both students and parents. His constant efforts for academic improvement and social awareness regarding various disparities have always enlightened us!

The ways and methods of teaching are way easier to grasp. He always steps forward to enhance our knowledge through videos and information about bio-tech, mechanisms and more.

The class tests, mid-term exams and final tests are a great help too.Also, the small gatherings and quiz he organizes for various occasions are delightful! He is a great help for all of us...in every aspect...????


  • Class : Class IX
  • Year Passout : 2019

1stApril, 2018 was a gala day for me because on this day only I joined the Brainaics Institute where I learnt to study mathematics and science in a systematic way . Ashutosh Sir encouraged me whenever I felt confused, helpless and disheartened. He was the only one who always trusted me. 


He is committed to the teaching of his subjects –Mathematics and Science . He is loving , affectionate and the students feel protected in his company . He believes that the more you practice, the more perfect you would be . He has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of all students . 


I am proud to be associated with Ashutosh Sir . He has 20 years of teaching experience . From time to time , he gives us councelling classes also. After teaching the topic , he gives us assignments for practice . His classroom has all the latest equipments including gigantic screen , air conditioner etc .He guides and helps the zealous students to go abroad for studies and job.