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My Story
It is truly said that, " OUR ACTIONS SPEAK MORE THAN OUR WORDS."
I started my journey of teaching in the year 1997 while I was studying. After a few years, I entered the IT Industry working from 9 to 6. The job was not very interesting but whenever I got to work on projects related to schools and universities which involved interaction with students, I used to give my best efforts and yearned for more of such projects as the interaction with the students accelerated my enthusiasm to give my best. I continued to teach my neighborhood kids and cousins, Mathematics, after the working hours as it enlightened my soul and gave me an internal satisfaction. Being the only brother, there were a lot of responsibilities which I had to take care of as my father was an officer in the Defence (GREF/ BRO)  so he usually stayed out of town. In the meantime, I realized that I, as a teacher could contribute more towards the society rather than being a Senior Marketing Executive. I realized that the young minds if needed the right guidance would outshine the world and become the greatest assets of our country and for this, they needed a mentor who would guide them through the right path hence I resigned from the company. As soon as I resigned, I gave my best towards teaching and started teaching Science too. 
“Ha ab mai padhaunga!”

I said to myself standing tall in front of the mirror and since that day, I have dedicated myself towards guiding the students to the BEST path for them.
Do you think the story was so smooth??
NO! It was not.
Telling my parents, my siblings, my whole family that I wanted to teach was not so easy as they had always wanted me to do a well-paid job. But, I stood strong enough to make it happen as I had lots of unique and innovative ideas running in my mind as regards the different teaching methods that would make it easier for the students to learn and understand the various concepts of Mathematics and Science. Gradually, I have been implementing these ideas in this neverending journey of my teaching which still has lots of miles to go.......
 I just want the young minds to know that-
"There is a person who can guide them through an interesting journey of education and beyond...."
I had made a commitment to LORD SHIVA and by his grace, I have been guiding my students through all walks of their lives (School-level and beyond) and will always be by their side. Now as a part of my journey, I am launching this website in the year 2020, dedicating it to my parents, students and loved ones. And I pay my sincere gratitude to them  for supporting me always and having faith in me. 


Where There is Knowledge, There is Success


Come alive, make it last forever....

What if a student could see chemicals colliding, flowers blooming , planets spinning and a sky full of stars right there in their classroom, wouldn't they be able to stretch an extra mile in their answer sheets and in life as well ??


With our latest equipped 3D classes inclusive of a 3D projector, 3D glasses and a giant screen (133 inches), we put our best efforts forward in sharing the best of knowledgeable content worldwide with our students.


To raise an exceptional child, it's necessary to construct a strong bridge between parents and the mentor. At Kaushal Academy, Login-ID acts as a bridge for keeping the parents entirely informed about student's performance.

The student's test performance, ranking, and short-comings will be regularly posted to keep the parents updated about the growth of their child.

We share sample papers, important questions, bar graphical representation of the child's development, a sample copy of an ideal answer sheet and a lot more in order to make the process of child's development smoother than before.

We answer all your queries, put up personal remarks for you and interact well with all the parents.


"A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.."

Taking our students into the underworld of knowledge, enhancing their vocabulary, widening their origins of interest and pushing them into productivity has majorly been successful through An Exclusive Collection of Science and technology-related books, encyclopedia, Autobiographies and much more.

We have been conducting frequent reading sessions with the students and this has made us make a difference by enhancing the knowledge base and soft skills of the students. KAUSHAL ACADEMY provides a calm and peaceful environment for reading sessions to all of its students.

"Come, fall in love with books.. Thousands of unread pages are waiting for you at KAUSHAL ACADEMY.."