BOARDS ! BOARDS ! BOARDS ! Maybe this is one of those words which pressurizes the students of class 10th the most. This is the time when students appear for board examination for the very first time & we do understand the worries of the child as well as the parents & that's why we make our students learn strategic planning, giving his/ her best shot and the value of relaxation in order to give his / her best in the exam.


While studying in class 10th, students also start thinking about the stream they have to opt for in class XI . At Kaushal Academy, the journey of mathematics (Introduction of Trigonometry and its applications, Arithmetic Progressions, Statistics, Surface areas and Volumes, Linear and Quadratic Equations.....) is such that the student gains the confidence to opt for mathematics in 11th class. Here we help our students to solve the Mathematical problems through different alternatives so that the student can choose the best alternative as per his/her potential and present it in the exam in the best possible manner. To build confidence in our students we provide them with continuous practice and revision of NCERT + Sample Papers + Assignments through Quiz contests, monthly evaluation tests, midterm exam, full syllabus exams along with the correct presentation, Accuracy, and Speed. Proper guidance and counseling is provided to the student which brings out the highest productivity of the child (with the help of easy concepts to solve questions).


"DO NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE, CREATE AND CHOOSE YOUR EXPERIENCE." In our academy, Science is not taught through just textbooks instead a contemporary world of Science and Technology is created through 3D audiovisual effects (on a 3D projector of 4K Giant screen) to gain interest in the topics like working of Human organs and its various systems (digestive, circulatory, endocrine, etc.), carbon and its various compounds, effects of light- reflection and refraction, etc. Also, students are made aware of the various social issues like global warming, chipko movement, pollution of rivers, extinction of animal species etc. We do not believe in cramming, we believe in creating interest of the student towards the subject he/she is studying. All concepts are explained to the students in such a manner that by the end of the session, they feel confident before appearing in the BOARD EXAM. Also, proper guidance is given to each student individually so that he/she opts for the right stream in class XI as per his/her capabilities.