BOARDS! This is the final year of School & another chance to score full marks. If a child has opted for Mathematics, then "100 TO BANTA HAI.."

Again, XII being a BOARD class does bring a lot of pressure with it. We, at KAUSHAL ACADEMY, make our students learn how to have faith in themselves and to give their BEST in the BOARD EXAM. The students are made to do a lot of practice of hundreds of questions, especially in CALCULUS as it carries the highest weightage in Exam. Apart from this, periodical Quiz contests are also conducted in the academy to develop and enhance the grasping power of concepts and Intelligence quotient in our students. A good practice of questions must also be followed by revision and it is done through monthly tests, semester wise exams, quizzes, final exams, doubt sessions, etc. In short, we, at Kaushal Academy train our students so that they can confidently appear in the Board Exams. And the clarity with which the concepts are taught in class also helps the students to appear in exams at graduation level (MATHS(HONS), BCOM(HONS), BSc(HONS), BCA, MCA, ENGINEERING, etc.) as well as at the competition level.

We believe that XI class is the MOTHER of all classes & XII class is the FATHER of all classes at the school level, here we make our students ready for each and every CONCEPT and that's why they are provided with Research-based study material. We make our students enhance their calculus skills by practicing a number of DIFFERENTIALS AND INTEGRALS  along with INCREASING AND DECREASING FUNCTIONS, APPLICATION OF INTEGRALS, MAXIMA AND MINIMA, RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS(EXPLAIN WITH GRAPH ANALYSIS), 3D VECTORS (through visualization technique), all the topics are taught keeping in mind the simplest techniques & methods.

Our students are guided on how to manage time, they are taught how to cope up with their stress, to work with a positive outlook towards their ultimate goal & the most important thing, MR ASHUTOSH KAUSHAL stays in touch with their students even after XII Std. & stands by his students in order to guide them & motivate them towards their goal.