CLASS IX plays a vital role in building a strong foundation for class X BOARD EXAMS. It is considered a pillar of higher classes. The curriculum of IX  class is quite different from that of the VIII class. The syllabus of this class has been designed in such a way that it offers a conceptual background and lays the groundwork for class X BOARD EXAMS. We provide students with the best study material based on CBSE norms.


At KAUSHAL ACADEMY, we build a strong foundation for the bright future of our students by making the basics strong starting from the VERY BEGINNING. Topics like ALGEBRA, MENSURATION & GEOMETRY are highly focused on. Besides NCERT, extra questions are also done in class which gradually improves the students' Intelligence quotient and Quantitative Aptitude. The potential of the child is raised by providing him/her with the right environment that is a mixture of monthly Evaluation tests, Quiz, Accuracy with speed, Midterm Exams, Full syllabus Exams, Motivational sessions and a lot more. Our main AIM is to build a positive  Mathematical approach towards problem-solving in our students.


"A world without science is a world without curiosity and dreams." Here the students are taught science in such a way that they not only score good marks but also learn to explore their careers in the field of science. There is no cramming, students are taught science through 3D 4K ENHANCEMENT PROJECTOR ( PROJECTION ON 130 INCH GIANT SCREEN) which creates a lasting impression on their minds. Quiz Contests, One-word questions, MCQs, Monthly tests, Speed and Accuracy in numericals, Detailed discussion on scientific experiments, Discussion on NEW INNOVATIVE IDEAS, INVENTIONS, DISCOVERIES, LIFE OF the Great Scientists like NIKOLA TESLA, ISSAC NEWTON, THOMAS ELVA EDISON, presently ELON MUSK and many more. A student gets all this under one roof.