11th class in itself is a whole new level of Mathematics for the students as it brings a detailed study of the subjects. This class forms a base for class 12th Boards. Marks of 11th class are important as they act as a motivating factor to score good marks in 12th class.

Mathematics of 11th class acts as a ladder for higher Mathematics. since the students have opted for this subject in class XI, hence they are provided with the best platform to prepare for further studies at graduation level ( Maths (HONS), BSc (HONS), Engineering, CA foundation, BCA, MCA etc.) and competitive exams as our teaching techniques are not just limited to course textbooks. The mathematics of this class comes with a lot of formulae, theorems, new concepts like RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS (Explained with GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS), TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS (Explained with GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS), INTRODUCTION OF CALCULUS, MATHEMATICAL INDUCTION, COMPLEX NUMBERS, SEQUENCE AND SERIES, CONIC SECTIONS etc. usually after appearing in Class 10th Board Exams, students lose interest in studies. We at Kaushal Academy make sure that student regains his/her interest in his studies by motivating them to study seriously with great zeal and high spirit. New concepts of Mathematics are introduced to the students in the easiest possible way. TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS is the base for calculus & further competitive exams and that's why the practice of around 300 + questions is given to the students on this topic. Sequence & Series, Straight Lines , etc. All these chapters do require time to time revision for scoring good marks & we do make it possible with the help of Periodic tests, mid-term exams, Research-based Assignments, doubt classes and a lot more. Also, career counseling sessions are held periodically and every student is guided individually to opt for the best career option for him/her. Thus we aim in making students realize the importance of hard work and dedication towards studies that helps them in shaping their careers in future.