Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Chirag Bhutani

  • Delhi, India
  • BBA(G), Trinity Institute Of Professional Studies, Dwarka, IP University
  • 2015 - 2018
There’s not much as of now to boast about but yes, I’m currently pursuing BBA(G) from Trinity Institute Of Professional Studies, Dwarka that come under IP University. I’m a part time magician and a part time student along with Photographer and Cinematographer. Main focus  of now is on studies but when I have extra time I spend 90% of it on magic and the rest 10% on photography and cinematography.
I’ve done shows for:
* At an old age home for open mic organised by ROTARACT CLUB of KESHAV MAHAVIDYALAY (DELHI UNIVERSITY)
* Magic competition organised by INDIAN BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS at MAGIC CONVENTION 2017
* LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE ( Diwali Celebration)
* Secured the 3rd position in NATIONAL LEVEL MAGIC COMPETITION organised by and in IIT DELHI ( event name : RENDEZVOUS) by competing against 14 other magicians
* Secured the 3rd position in FILM MAKING COMPETITION held at and by BITS Pilani (event name: OASIS 2018)
* PUB JI RESTAURANT ( PUNJABI BAGH) for BLOGGER’S MEET with 50 bloggers and guests.

Dear reader,

Everything that you will be reading for the next 4 minutes or so (duration depends upon your reading speed) will be 100% true on my behalf. No one has influenced me regarding this writing.

Ashutosh Sir. This name is one of those names which I cannot forget ever in my life. There have been a very few people in my life whose efforts means a lot to me. Many teachers taught me that “ You always learn from your mistakes” but, Ashutosh sir taught me ways to not to make any mistakes and even if you do, do It so well that the mistake would turn out to be a new invention/ art. I came to his tuition classes when I was in class 11th, and that too 1  month late. The most important and most lengthy chapter of the syllabus was almost over and I thought that I’ll have to skip this chapter but sir gave me extra time and made me do that chapter along with the other regular classes that we were having. It was my mistake that I came up late to him but then you see, he made me overcome that mistake. We used to have debates and discussions after our class around thrice a week. I never got to know from where the topic arose and we all would get so much involved in the discussions that our parents would call us and ask where we were. One main reason for this was that ours was the day’s last batch he taught, so he had time for this and I must say, those debates HAVE changed my thinking towards many topics. I wasn’t a very bright student of his class but yes I  used to score average marks in his subject. Other than studies I had passion for magic. Yes, magic. I was on my path towards becoming a magician and the day sir got to know about this he demanded for a trick. I still remember the first trick I showed to him and in response he just said three words- “ GOD BLESS YOU”. After the trick was over and I packed up my playing cards he asked me if my parents would support me in this magical journey or not because most of the Indian parents want their kid to be an engineer or doctor or something like that but my passion was for something that only a handful of people do all around the world. Every now and then he used to ask me about my journey towards being a magician. He even showed me clipping of some magicians on his tv that were really really helpful. Not only this, he had these beautiful quotations framed up on his wall that would make sure that anyone who comes to his room, gets to leave it MOTIVATED. Also, sir had these long long piles of books and what not to inspire us. If I continue writing, it’ll  take me more than 2 full days to write. At last, Ashutosh sir is more than just a teacher.

Thank you!