Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Vipul Kumar

  • Delhi, India
  • BBE, DU, PGDM, Symbiosis, Pune
  • 2004 - 2007
I did BBE (Bachelor in Business Economics) from Delhi University and PGDM from Symbiosis, Pune. Presently, I am managing family business of book publishing.

It is a pleasure to share my experience of being a student of Ashutosh Sir. I am fortunate to have a wonderful teacher like him in my life. The best thing about Sir is that he is friendly and good natured. We always have teachers with whom we hesitate to ask our doubts or questions, but didn't face any such hesitation with him. In his classes, he freely allows students to ask doubts or questions. He has always answered all my queries patiently and has cleared all my doubts. This thing increased my confidence and made me much better at the subjects.

The positive and engaging atmosphere in Sir's classes is so good that you never want to miss his class.

Ashutosh Sir is very good at what he does. He is dedicated to his work. He puts a lot of effort in explaining every chapter. He gives attention to all his students. His way of motivating and inspiring is just another level. Being an average child, I strongly believe that people like him play an important role in making one believe in his own capabilities. We always need people around us who make us believe that we can do better.  He is one of them who made me realise this. He is a good counselor who always encouraged me to work hard. His motivation kept me going and luckily he is still with me.

Because of the impact he has made, I truly feel blessed and proud to have a person like him in my life.

During my 10th board exams in 2004, my father died of heart attack. At that crucial time, Sir, motivated me and told me not to lose hope. He helped me emotionally in bringing my life again on track.