Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Megha Seth

  • Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Interior designing, INIFD, Numerology and Vaastu, National Reasearch Institute Of Vaastu
  • 2005 - 2007
I was a student of Ashutosh sir from 2005 to 2007. I did my graduation from Delhi university ( South campus). After that I pursued my career in interior designing from INIFD . I did Numerology and Vaastu from National Reasearch Institute Of Vaastu. From last 8 years I am working as a vaastu consultant.  Now I am happily married and pursuing my career in Vaastu and Numerology.

About someone who means a lot in my life.

A teacher , friend , brother , mentor.  Words are less to express what you mean to me sir.

Generally, A relation between a student and a teacher ends when student gets promoted to the next class or when a student enters into College. But, with Ashutosh Sir, a relation once established goes on for a lifetime.

He remains in touch with his students, guides them, always clears their confusions.

Even after so many years, he still has the same energy, same vibes, same enthusiasm, just like when i met him earlier. Just like before, he remains eager to learn new things & this is one of his best qualities.

He believes that *Life is our teacher & we are learners and this process of teaching- learning goes on for a lifetime.*

Back in year 2005 , i met sir for the first time. Being an average student it was hard for me to accomplish my goals. But he made it come true. His motivational and inspirational talks made me a better person and I started having faith in myself. Just because of his constant motivation i scored something which I could have never expected for ! Not only HE helped me in my studies , but also  in other phases of life. As a brother, he taught me what is right and what is wrong. Which line should i opt for, which i shouldn't.

Moreover, he is not a kind of a person who sticks to obsolete rules . He always motivated me to follow my passion.