Mathematics has played a significant role in the development of Human Civilization. Emerged in the Indian subcontinent, around 12000 BCE, Indian Mathematicians have contributed a great deal of theories and measures in the sphere of Maths.  

As Aryabhata calculated the value of pi, his inventions have also given us the place value system, Circumference of the Earth to 99.8% Accuracy and calculation of the length of the sidereal year. While Brahmagupta first stated the rules governing the use of zero, Bhaskara II wrote “Bijaganita” on Algebra and reached an impeccable understanding of calculus, number systems and solving equations.

Sriniwasa Ramanujana – “The Man Who Knew the Infinity” made substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, number theories, infinite series and continuous fractions. Prasanta Chandra known as “The Father of Statistics”, D R Kaprekar discovered the “Kaprekar Constant”, C R Rao is famous for his “Theory of Estimation” and many more.

These Mathematicians have taught us the importance and implementation of Mathematics in real life and I always make sure that my students realize the utmost importance and implementation of Mathematics in their real life. By injecting the knowledge about these great Mathematicians in my students’ minds, I make them realize the reason behind learning Mathematics in school as many students put up this question nowadays that, “Why are we studying Algebra, Equations etc. ?”

I believe that if we learn something, we must know the reason behind it. Instead of spoon-feeding formulae, equations etc. I make my students understand their importance in their practical life, so that they stand out with flying colors in their careers.

Many students hate mathematics, probably because no one could make them understand its value. Being a mentor, I try my level best to make my students fall in love with the beauty of Mathematics.