Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Sanyam Jain

  • Delhi, India
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  • 2019-2020
In the beginning of 12th class I was very confused about maths because till 11th my maths was weak. when I took tuition for maths in 11th it didn't work. Then later on, I heard about Ashutosh sir, in the beginning I didn't think that it will work, but after some days I experienced that joining KAUSHAL ACADEMY was a very good decision. Sir is very Frank, experienced and even strict sometimes, but he is like a package which comes as a Motivational teacher, Maths teacher, Career counsellor and a good friend too. He doesn't only teach you maths but also many other things. His method of teaching is quite different and also very interesting.I am very lucky to be a part of their Educational group. Thank you sir!