Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Nitin Jain

  • Rajasthan, India
  • ********
  • 1998

As I pen down my journey with my mentor Ashutosh Sir, I remember visiting him in the year 1998, seeking help in Mathematics and within a few weeks, I fell in love with the subject and my dedication towards studies also increased. The reason behind this is his excellent level of knowledge and the way he delivers this knowledge to his students. I never saw the clock while attending his class as every minute of his class was full of positivity and enthusiasm. I am a pilot today because of the self-confidence and motivation I received from him everyday. He understands each one of his students as unique identities and guides them to the path which is the best for them. He has been my mentor for last 22 years and he has been guiding me at every stage and I never get tired of learning from him even today. I own a restaurant today called ‘DHABA KULTURE’ and have been a pilot for 9 years and this journey couldn’t have been possible without Ashutosh Sir’s correct guidance and blessings.
 And I am honored to be his first student (in the year 1998). He can never be forgotten by any person he comes in contact with because of his positive Aura and Kindness.