Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Reet Meddiratta

  • Delhi, India
  • 2018 - 2019

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill love for learning. "

These  words are beautifully wise and fit for Ashutosh sir.

Hey all,  My name is Reet Meddiratta and I am very fortunate to have called myself a pupil of Ashutosh sir. I recently passed 12TH standard,wherein I opted for commerce with Maths.

To be very honest, I never really liked maths, but I was fairly good at it till 9th standard. This was when I got a teacher in school who instilled a fear and hatred of maths in me. Nevertheless, I prodded on. But in 12th, when I was really directionless, I came to Ashutosh sir. I just wanted a teacher who would make me understand what maths was, so that I could get good marks in it. However, I did not know that I was signing up for guidance, inspiration, motivation and help that would always resonate within me, however brief it was. I also wasn't aware of the fact that Ashutosh sir was out there, making maths(and science, surely) easy for all of us, who taught with so much patience and compassion that you are bound to excel.

Sir does not only put all his efforts, all his hardwork and all his time into making good students, but also in making good people out of those students. It is very much evident in how accommodating, how helpful he is when you ask for something. Teaching kids is not only his profession, but it's his passion. He does it with utmost sincerity and at the same time, utmost ferocity.

If you ever have the good luck of studying under him, you'll see how comprehensively he teaches, such that each and every detail gets inscribed into your head. You'll see how passionate he is about his students, how he says over and over again that he has got our back no matter what, and how much he means it.

During 12th,  Ashutosh sir taught me to believe in myself. He taught me that nothing worthwhile could come easily in life by the sheer amount of questions and assignments he gave us!  He didn't let me go slack even once, there were times when I made mistakes and I was low, but Sir always heard me out, he guided me, but most of all, he trusted me. That is something that I can never thank him enough for.

I am positively sure of the fact that by studying under him, I have earned a guide and a mentor for the rest of my life. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to reach my potential, which he tapped into. He didn't impose his ideas on us, he didn't force us to do things according to him, he just simply guided us to the right path, awakened our conscience and let us take decisions. In this way, he nurtured, and I sincerely hope he will keep nurturing, students who are independently capable of making the right choices, and who work hard to achieve their goals. But even if there is an obstacle which seems insurmountable, he'll be a supportive hand.

All in all, I will look back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers that I had, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. With so, so much gratitude to Ashutosh sir. Our curriculum is a necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child. Ashutosh sir understands that, and he always graciously implements this.