Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Akshit Ahujha

  • Ontario, Canada
  • B.Tech (Mech. Engg.), Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada.
  • 2014 - 2017
My name is Akshit Ahuja and I have been a PCM student in my high school and secured 90% aggregate in the 12 board exams. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering from the Sheridan College, Ontario ,Canada.

It’s a pleasure to share my experience with one of the best tutor and one of his kind , Ashutosh Sir. I have been his student from year 2014 – 2017 , the way he teaches does not just make the subject easy for you but fun as well in the way you start loving the subjects. This happens because of his love and passion for teaching the young minds and mainly his different ways of using technology to give his students a different learning experience and also the kind of attention he gives to each and every student to reach to their capabilities.

His classes are more fun and the way they are different from other coaching institutes is in the way he actually work on individual and help them to achieve their objectives and make them a different personality , as he helped me to know my true potential and motivates me to go out of the country for my further studies after my 12th standard and watching our struggles of studying outside our country he tries to help by creating a platform by connecting all the alumni so that they can try to help the future students to have a smooth journey of their life.

He is not just a tutor for me , he is a mentor , a councillor who guides me in my ups and downs , no matter if I am his ex-student and is in different country , he just do whatever it takes to be in contact and makes sure that I am doing well and always motivates and inspire me to achieve something in life and do great and always stood besides me. He is the one who motivates us to always thinks out of the box whether it’s from our main subjects or any other random topic which always turned out to be the after class long discussions which sometimes went until midnight 12.

I am really thankful and grateful to be your student sir , whatever you did for me , guiding me ,your motivation is always with me  and helps me keep going .