Alumni detail

Alumni Detail

Neharika Kaplish

  • Delhi, India
  • B.EL.ED, K.R.Mangalam University
  • 2017
I am a teacher trainee pursuing B.ELED (2 nd year) from K.R.Mangalam University. I am the Head Coordinator of co-curricular and cultural department in the Education department of my college. I am a member of” ASHRAM group” of my college which works to spread peace in youth. I am also doing BA (psychology) and practicing as a psychologist in L.V Navyug School, Delhi.

It is well said that in” educational” aspect of your life, the personality which turns our life towards success is our second parent i.e. our teachers. And in my life that personality is Ashutosh sir

For me mathematics was villain ,but then came a superhero (Ashutosh sir) who made mathematics my friend .He is a person who cannot be just explained through words ,he is the one whose actions has left the deepest imprint in my heart even after so long. The way he teaches, clears all the concepts and doubt. The way he interacts is like somebody closest to you. The way he motivates, doubles our moral level and confidence .some moments in our life are unforgettable and a year I spend with him in a class is very deeply captured in my mind and heart, parties we enjoyed, debates we had and yes that children’s day celebration we had with dim lights, mats on floor, soothing atmosphere that he created and discussion about women empowerment is the most memorable moment. The best of that year which helped me the most in deciding my future was the graphs (marks) that he prepared and career counseling that he did showed me the right path. And to be very honest I have stolen many of his methods, ways of teaching and yes his spirit of being a teacher who is always ready to put efforts to make their student’s future the successful one.

He is a person who remains in touch with his students, guides them, always clear their confusions. Even after so many years, he still have the same energy, same enthusiasm and yes we have the chemistry same as we had when I met him earlier. I am so grateful to still have good connections and great bonds with him.