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The “Always – On” behavior that smartphones contribute causes us to remove ourselves from our reality. Aside from the health consequences, if we always keep our heads down, our communication skills and manners are slumped too. Social Scientist Sherry Turkle who analyzed 30 years of family
interactions in a book, found that children now compete with their parents’ devices for attention.

Addiction to mobile devices among pre teens is fast becoming a wider social and health problem. Pre teens, toddlers today are exposed to screens much more than before. Parents of an 11 year old boy brought him to Bangaluru based technology de addition center services for healthy use of technology. They admitted that he had been exposed to mobile games since the age of five. As the only child, he had even begun missing school to make time for games.

This addiction is dangerous and thus needs a solution. Nowadays, Researchers urge parents to carve out times such as meal times, where no family member is allowed to use phones or tablets. Everyone should try and remove distracting devices from their living space. While having conversation with
children, constant checking on incoming text messages on phone should be avoided.

Everyone should include the concept of “Phone Detox hour” in their daily routine. According to this concept, one should keep the mobile phone aside at least for an hour during the day and should do something useful such as something of passion or meditation which would give them peace of mind
and would help them to realize their potential and capabilities. In this manner, we would not get addicted to these smartphones and this would also prevent future generations from falling prey to this addiction.

So let us not waste the precious time of our lives on these smartphones and do something productive which would benefit our future generations too. It is well said that little efforts by each person of this world can bring a greater change.

6 thoughts on “PHONE ADDICTION

  1. Tarnija Midha

    Cell phone radiation is a global concern. Awareness is very much needed. Thanks for sharing👍🏻

  2. Nalini

    As we are aware of the fact that excess of each and everything is crumby…so specially “THE SMARPHONES” are of major concern.
    Thanx a lot for sharing such a functional stuff😄


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